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Matching interns to startups via the SEDTAPP ENtern program

Partnerships to build startups.

So much of what we do is providing support and resources to our startups. And, we can’t do that without partners in our ecosystem.

So, we’re excited about the partnership between the College of Engineering’s School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional programs (SEDTAPP) and Happy Valley LaunchBox.

Ted Graef, over in SEDTAP (also a LaunchBox advisor and experienced entrepreneur himself) created the entrepreneurship internship (ENtern) program which pairs students in the intercollege entrepreneurship and innovation minor with startup companies participating in the FastTrack Accelerator or the Summer Founders program.

Startups get an ENtern for 20 hours a week for one semseter, and ENterns get exposed to get to explore their entrepreneurship interests and startup culture.

It’s a win-win.

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