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Peter Aeschbacher

Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Architecture at Penn State

Joe Altieri

Flexible Window Screen Inventor, Shark Tank Entrepreneur, Speaker, Podcast Host, Blogger

Keleigh Asbury

Director of Smeal Alumni Career Services, Penn State

Andy Atkins

Technology Startup Advisor, JBA Consulting LLC

Dustin Betz

Funding Lab & Portfolio Success at Founder Institute

Sven Bilen

Department Head, School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs, Penn State

Eli Bohemond

International Career and Leadership Coach

Jeffrey Bowley

Managing Director at Centri Business Consulting, LLC

Wil Brawley

Co-Owner, Schedulefly + Host of the #6 Ranked Hospitality Podcast Worldwide "Restaurant Owners Uncorked"

Jerry Bresee

Instructional Designer, Human Factors Specialist, Program Manager and Business Developer

Colin Bryan

Director of Product & Durham Office Lead at Fission Consulting

Trevor Calabro

UX Strategist and Researcher, Calabro UX

Jim Calder

Private Investor & Finance Consultant, Stone Circle Holdings

Jasper Cannon

Venture Capital Associate, MedStartr Ventures; International Expansion Specialist, Comcast Business

Travis Caro

Owner / Developer @ Carbon Creek

Dave Costlow

Vice President, Marketing & Product, Pledge It

Christopher Dayton

Senior Staff Engineer / Manager, Qualcomm

Peter DeBarber

Director of Business Development and R&D, Delta-Phase Electronics

James Delattre

Assistant Vice President for Research & Director of Entrepreneurship & Commercialization, Penn State

Lee Erickson

Associate Director of Economic Development and Student Programs

Martin Erim

CEO, FR Global, First Renaissance Ventures

Gary Ezekian

CEO @ OxiCool Development Center

Lindsay Fairman

Chief Operating Officer at TEAMology and

John Faust

Former President/CEO at Diamond Credit Union

Elizabeth Fegert

Entrepreneur and Business Consultant/Educator for Penn State and the SBDC

Ben Feller

Communications Adviser & Former AP Chief White House Correspondent

Linda Feltman

Faculty in Bellisaro College of Communications, Penn State

Kevin Fleck

Career Counselor, Penn State

Neil Fogarty

Entrepreneurship Instructor, Penn State & American University

John V. Furniss


Mark Gagnon

Harbaugh Entrepreneurship Scholar, Penn State

John Gershenson

Director of Humanitarian Engineering & Social Entrepreneurship, Penn State

Paul Girgis

Partner at OnCenter

Priyanka Gomatam

Software Engineer, Instagram

Ted Graef

Director of Engineering Entrepreneurship Program, Penn State

David Gress

Sales Business Development, N/A

Rebekah Grmela

Founder and Strategic Consultant at Right + Good Consulting

Andy Gustafson

Director of MBA Communications, Penn State

Brian Harmon

Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Armorblox

Keith Karako

Retired Global Head of Trade Finance, Citigroup

Mike Karn

Founder/CEO at Marathon Digital

Tim Kerchinski

Innovation Team Lead, Penn State & PennTAP

Bill Kidd

Director, Hospitality Management Entrepreneurship, Penn State

Elizabeth King

Managing Partner, Elizabeth M. King Consulting

Liz Kisenwether

Start-up Mentor and STEM Advocate

Frank Koe

Teaching Professor of Engineering Entrepreneurship, Penn State

Samuel Krall

Arts Administrator, Advisor, Educator, and Performer

Ashu Kumar

Co-Founder & Director, Brainalytix

Runbo Li

Co-founder & CEO @ Magic Hour

Marcella Marino

CEO + Founder | MarRosa’s Old World Cuisine

Justin Mastrangelo

Founder, Join By Text

Ellen Matis

Founder & Integrated Marketing Strategist | Hello Social Co.

John Meier

Science Librarian, Penn State

Sascha Meinrath

Palmer Chair in Telecommunications at Penn State, Director of the X-Lab

Jeanette Miller

Clinical Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Penn State

John Moore

Owner, Moore Power Sales

Andy Mowery

Retired Chief Supply Chain Officer, The Clorox Company

Nathan Nalevanko

Design & Tech @ Kickstarter

Benjamin Nason

Associate Project Developer @ New Leaf Energy

David Norloff

Assistant Teaching Professor, Penn State

Rick O'Brien

President, SemperCon

John Peterson

Business Consultant, Penn State Small Business Development Center

Indrajit Poddar

Cloud | AI | Big Data | Security Architecture

Matt Porter

CEO, Drum Associates Inc.

Kathleen Quinn

CFO, Whole and Free Foods

Rajesh Rangarajan

Product Manager, Meta

Matt Rhodes

Managing Partner, 1855 Capital

Gene Riechers

Advisor, Sands Capital

Ryan Robertson

Owner/Developer at Carbon Creek

John Rodgers

Senior Vice President, PNC Bank

Joshua Schwartz

CEO of Pubvendo, Market Strategist & Digital Marketer

Tom Sharbaugh

Director, Entrepreneur Assistance Clinic, Penn State

Bruce Shook

CEO, Intact Vascular & Vesper Medical

Curtis Shulman

Account Executive, The Hartman Group

Tim Simpson

Paul Morrow Professor of Engineering Design & Manufacturing, Penn State

Bob Smith

Marketing Consultant, Stratim Consulting

Melinda Stearns

Sr. Director, Strategic Partnerships, Penn State

Matt Swayne

Research & Technology Information Officer, Penn State

Parantap Tripathi

Product Manager & Strategist, Dow Jones

Steve VerSteeg

Partner, Patterson & Sheridan LLP

Ron Wagner

Growth & Marketing Executive l Business Athlete l Fractional CMO l Personal Brand Expert l Speaker l Author l Board Member l PE & VC Catalyst

Seth Weaver

Founder & CEO @ Near Shore Design Co.

Rick Weyer

Instructor of Entrepreneurship, Penn State

Douglas Wilber

CEO Denim Social | Fintech Venture Capital

Michael Wojcik

CEO, Wojcik Communications

Mike Xenakis

Adjunct Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management | Business Advisor

Jared Yarnall-Schane

Entrepreneurship Director, Biomimicry Institute

Joyce Yong

Creative Producer

Jack Zerby

Designer & Founder, DoHQ

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Brad Groznik
PR Strategist, Groznik PR

Advice for adapting your existing business.
If you had a business over this last year, you likely had to re-think some aspect of it. If so, listen in to experts share their top 5 recommendations for adapting your business to the current market conditions - each just 25 minutes.
get advice on:
  • Breaking in an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Re-imaging your business: Identifying potential new revenue streams
  • Managing remote teams: Keeping employees motivated and connected
  • Breaking in a new business model
  • Breaking in new habits

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