FastTrack Accelerator

Are you ready to start building your business?
Once you really understand your customer's need, it’s time to start testing the market. Our 15-week FastTrack Accelerator helps you, avoid common startup mistakes, build an actionable plan to launch your business, test the market quickly with “smokescreens,” and build a solution based on real customer feedback.
  • Our next program will be held in the fall of 2022
  • Applications will open Aug 2022

Participants in the program have access to...

● 1-on-1 expert mentoring

● up to $3000 for customer discovery

● $1500 Market Test Fund grant

● 1-year subscription to SOLIDWORKS and plug-ins

● funding for intern for one semester through the SEDTAP ENtern program

● access to 60+ advisors and experts

● 1 year of 24×7 access to LaunchBox with space in our team room

Build a plan.

Acting on a false assumption can kill your startup. We give you the tools to test your assumptions, toss out the ones that are inaccurate, and focus on the ones that are true. You will:

  • Test critical assumptions to reduce risk
  • Develop criteria to define features
  • Prototype solutions and get real customer feedback

Build a real company, with real value.

There are lots of moving parts in starting a business. At the completion of the Accelerator, you will have:

  • Created a formal business entity
  • Crafted a unique value proposition
  • Defined a viable business model
  • Sketched out a marketing and sales plan

It is very overwhelming to start a new business. However, having the LaunchBox staff and advisors around to provide guidance and ask questions saved me months, if not years, of trial and error.

Peter Isaac
Founder, Office Yum

You retain all rights and equity in your company
Up to $6500 for discovery, interns, and market tests
Expert 1-on-1 coaching
Access to free tools and subscriptions
Meet the LaunchBox Team
Lee Erickson

If you need to build fast, ask her how.

One thing for sure with Lee is it's all about building something fast (and inserting movie references into conversation whenever possible). Whether it's building a Hot Wheels jump ramp on her front porch with the rest of the LaunchBox team, or helping teams build a plan to launch, she loves to figure out how to build quickly and cheaply to learn fast.

Interesting in meeting with someone about your idea? We’d love to hear what you’re working on.