E-Ship CrashCourse

Curious about starting your own business?
Take the first step and learn the basics about entrepreneurship and starting a business. Our one-hour program helps introduce concepts to budding entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and with businesses of all kinds. Sessions are available twice a month.
Upcoming Sessions:
  • May 18 (1–2 pm)
  • June 15 (1–2 pm)

If you have ever considered...

  • Starting your own business
  • Being your own boss
  • Taking your hobby to the next level
  • Getting paid for your solution to a common challenge

This one-hour session will help you consider if this path might be for you.

Each session will cover...

  • The basics of “What is entrepreneurship”
  • Common myths about entrepreneurship
  • Actionable steps to build your own startup
  • Information about the other no-cost programs and resources offered through the LaunchBox

Interesting in checking out one of these sessions?

Meet the LaunchBox Team
Ben Nason

If you have a idea, he's your man.

Ben thinks about ideas all day long. He loves to explore new ones, adapt old ones, and work with people who have them. He's all about figuring out how to turn ideas into viable businesses (and working in some cardboard prototypes whenever possible).