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Fall 2022: Speaker & Networking Series

Learn from experts (and we provide lunch). 

The Happy Valley LaunchBox Fall Speaker Series has begun! Our Fall Speaker Series includes 3 great topics with experts who will provide you with actionable advice on various matters (see details below). Our goal is to inspire you to turn your idea into a viable business with the support of LaunchBox. Whether you are a community member, alumni, student, or none of the above, all are welcome!  

How it works. 

All talks are held downtown at the Happy Valley LaunchBox and include: 

  • 35-40-minute actionable advice and best practices 
  • 10-minute open Q&A 
  • 1-on-1 time to ask questions  
  • Free lunch 

U P C O M I N G    S P E A K E R S 

:: Oct. 31st :: 12:00 – 1:30 pm 

Building Business Relationships  

Jamie Bestwick, Owner of Rothrock Coffee, BMX legend  

Kerry Bestwick, Owner of PYP Studio, Coach, and Yoga Instructor  

Business relationship building is key to a successful career whether you are running a side-hustle, building a career, forming a team for a startup, or managing a small business.  The ability to quickly make connections and turn those connections into future working relationships is a skill that takes practice. Join us with our special guests, Jamie Bestwick, and Kerry Bestwick, who will walk us through the importance of business relationships and how to practice building better connections. 

:: Nov. 7th :: 12:00 – 1:30 pm 

Craft Your Pitch 

A good pitch will articulate the unique value you, your business, or your idea brings to a prospective client, employer, partner, or other stakeholders. You want to leave the listener with a way to remember you by using concise language, that describes what you do, for whom, and why.  Join us as our guest panel of speakers lays out exactly what goes into an elevator pitch and how to deliver it. 

:: Nov. 14th :: 12:00 – 1:30 pm 

Overhaul Your Digital Image  

Keleigh Asbury, Director of Smeal College of Business Alumni Career Services, Startup Coach 

Sean Clifford, Penn State Football Quarterback, Founder of Limitless NIL 

Your digital footprint as an individual and a business says a lot about what you want the world to know about your expertise and passion.  Making an impact with first impressions is the best way to gain customers, build partnerships, and create future relationships.  Since your digital image is often the first touchpoint for connecting in our digital era it is important that you build a digital image that is consistent across all platforms, looks professional, and communicates your values.  Join us as our guest panel of speakers defines the importance of your digital image and how to ensure you are delivering the right message about yourself, your brand, or your business.